Placco terrazzo slabs are produced by mixing marble, granite, glass pieces and different aggregate types (in various combinations) with cement.

General Properties

Suitable for interior and exterior

Comparing with the other artificial stone, it can be directly used in exterior wall dry hanging and outside public spaces, such as business street, passageway and water side.


Unlimited color and design options

We can incorporate a wide variety of both conventional and innovative aggregate materials with unlimited color. It gives designers and architects a range of options.


Class A  flammability rating
Anti-fire performance has reached class A1, the highest standing for building products.


Resistance to color fading
Under day-to-day usage conditions, they will also retain their original beauty for a long term.


Ease for installation

In construction, it can be directly paved with cement and with special adhesive.


 Delivery, storage and handling

  • All slabs are palletized on long edge, vertical, on pallet then shrink wrapped.

  • Store vertically and clamp together to prevent warpage.

  • Store indoors in a climate controlled environment and sheltered from moisture.

  • Review slabs upon delivery for any damage that may have occurred during transit.

  • All slabs  production is used stain protector material.


European Standard (EN) / American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)


ASTM C-140/EN12390-3

ASTM C-293/ EN 12390-5

Source Quality Control